Your personal health assistant

Palixo is a connected health platform that helps you manage your health and connect with medical service providers.


Understand Your Medical Records

Palixo uses state of the art machine learning tools, to provide you with meaningful information. Palixo converts your records to an easy to understand format.

Palixo’s proprietary technology helps you analyzes your health records and finds trends. Palixo also, alerts you about your health conditions and recommends preventive measures.


Find With Ease

Palixo helps you find medical services with ease and place order without hassle. Palixo members also enjoy exclusive deals and green channel services.


Other Features

For Entire Family

Monitor health of your entire family through a single app.

Smart Reminders

Get reminders about medicines, doctor appointment, vaccination, lab tests etc.

Document vault

Store all your medical records and access them anytime anywhere.

Health Library

All information at your finger tips through our health library.

Body vitals

Capture your body vitals like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, regularly and identify trends.

Medical Summary

Get all your medical details in a concise and easy to understand report.


We understand your privacy and apply high standards of security.

Exclusive deals

Get access to exclusive deals and green channels.

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